We provide equipment and parts for many technical markets, especially if you work in:

Chemical industries

Tank truck parts

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Bus and truck fleet fueling

Aviation fueling

AdBlue / Diesel Exhaust Fluid / DEF / ARLA32

Lub oil industries

Industrial Filtration

industrial processes (i.e. mixers)

Oil & Gas


We can establish a supply chain for special industrial equipment and parts:

Manual and automatic valves • Pipelines and hoses • Connections and elbows • Welding shop manufactured parts • Meters and counters • Housing and cartridges filters • Gauges and direct differential pressure gauges • Pressure relief valves • Adaptors, couplers and nozzles • Load and float arms • Tank manholes • Pressure vessels • Air eliminators


Willparts is a world-wide commercial trade B2B company with focus on providing specialized parts, equipment and solutions to industrial environment needs. We have a developed global network with proven logistics which enables us to deliver parts from Asia to USA, for example, or send goods to Argentina from Canada. Our team is able to deal with complex engineering and special requirements, as well as international standards (ASME, AWS, NACE, ANSI, API, EI, EN, ABNT) in the markets where we operate.


Willparts and its technical network can provide engineering solutions for the most varied demands and industrial problems. Send us your challenge!